The Avengers: Age of Ultron SDCC concept art posters

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The 100 Cast - ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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LDR songs + “heaven”

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Death of Superman | Superman: Doomsday

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I like how subversive this film is.

It contains characters that are sexist, but they aren’t defined by it. But also, the film never tries to convince the audience to judge Gamora based on their comments.

All the characters subvert their intended archetypes. Gamora seems like a moral-less assassin at first glance, but in reality, she has higher morals then the rest of the characters and she’s not afraid to care about people. Drax seems like he could be the downer of the group, but he’s actually really hilarious. Rocket has way more to say than most about oppression even though he could just seem like a cool way to sell toys(the entire way through, I was convinced I was watching a real sentient living being who had problems just like the rest of us). Groot is the muscle but has the most heart. Quill seems like the classic dashing rogue, but he’s actually just a goofball who’s also deeply affected by his abduction as a kid.

The romantic buildup between Gamora and Quill was both romance and anti-romance. You expect the cliches but they both fuck it up(I like how nobody interrupts them when they’re about to kiss at different points in the film, but they ruin it themselves anyway).

This film is awesome.